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NEWS!!  02-14-2009  |  Congrants to Lisa Wong from Arizona.  You are the Winner of the Teen Witch original soundtrack.  We want to thank everyone whom entered the contest.  Check out Cindy Valentines new album on Amazon,com

NEWS!! 01-10-2009  |  Hey Teen Witch fans, a special contest just for you.
Tell us which song is your favorite, and which scene you love.
All submissions should be at leat two paragraphs. Deadline is 02-03-2009.
E-mail submissions to jozalynn@hotmail.com

NEWS!! 01-09-2009  | Cindy Valentine plans to re-record "Never Gonna Be".
The original version appears to be lost.  Larry Weir has stated "I Lost The Recordings".  Also licensing issues have become a problem, since Disney does own the movie script as of 2009.

NEWS!! 11-01-2008  |  Cindy Valentine aka as Shana in the movie, will be releasing her dance album for the very first time. 
It will be released on 02-14-2009. 

NEWS!!  08/25/08  | The Disney channel will not broadcast Teen Witch no more. They have a few ideas up their sleeves. In 2010 Disney wishes to release a remake of Teen Witch with Ashley Tisdale as Louise Miller. This should be an interesting release, but only the original will still rule.

NEWS!!  08-24-08  | Cindy Valentine known as Shana in the movie will answer 10 questions from fans. What do you want to know about Cindy? E-mail your questions to Jozalynn@hotmail.com.

News!!  8/23/2008   | Teen Witch reunion, in Arlington TX Scheduled to appear and meet fans (from Teen Witch) are Robyn Lively, Dan Gauthier, and Amanda Ingber. Stay tuned in for more information.

NEWS!!  08-22-08  | Tony Zeoli from Netmix Media asked that the site no longer host the original soundtrack mp3's. The mp3's will no longer be available on this site.

NEWS!!  09-21-2007  | MGM did not do a good job marketing Teen Witch. The dvd is hard and rare to find. You can order it on amazon. Thanks to some friends the movie was on sharedzilla. Edit Text

NEWS!!  09-19-2007  | The Weir Bro's will not be releasing the original soundtrack, it was a flaw. The soundtrack was re-recorded without Cindy Valentine's voice.  A big, huge mistake.  The Weir Bro's had a few intentions to release it for only current young fans to make a quick buck.

NEWS!! 05-24-2005  | Teen Witch will be playing at Midnight for one week. Starting May 27. The Theatre version is 1 hour and 55 mins with deleted scenes. The Dvd release in July is 94 mins without deleted scenes

NEWS!!  03-05-2005  | Teen Witch was purchased by Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios. They will be releasing it on DvD this July. The DvD will contain the original theater trailer.

NEWS!!  02-01-2005  | Tom Weir is currently re-recording the Teen Witch soundtrack at SCS studios.

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