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Hey Teen Witch fans, if you love this movie you know you love the Soundtrack. It is a "shame, shame shame, things will always change".

That is right Tom and Larry Weir both recorded brand new recordings from the original songs, now available on itunes. To make a quick easy buck from us Teen Witch fans they cut out Cindy Valentines Voice, which was a big huge mistake.

Infact Larry Weir does not wish to pay Cindy royalites for her music.  She has no idea why, instead of legal battles Cindy will be re-releasing her songs for fans.  Stay tuned for updates.

Promo Photo
Cindy Valentine

All of you know the concert in the movie, Shana rocks right? Well this pretend artist for the movie is actually an artist. Her name is Valentine Cinzia Leone aka Cindy Valentine.

She was born in Italy in 1975 and raised in Canada. She attended the Royal Conservatory Of Music in Toronto. She released two solo albums, one hard-rock in the early 1980's and one pop-dance in the late 1980's. She is also a songwriter for other artists, a filmmaker, and an actress.

Cindy worked with the Weir brothers in 1987 recording "Never Gonna Be", and "Finest Hour" for background music. Surprisingly the tracks remain a big hit even today, especially Valentines wonderful voice along with the cast made this movie a legend.

Album Cover
Teen Witch Soundtrack

Track Listing

All Washed Up - Larry Weir
Dream Lover - Cathy car
Finest hour - Cindy Valentine feat. Larry Weir
Get Up And Move - Cathy Car
High School Blues - The Puppy Boys
I Keep On Falling - Blue Future
I Like Boys - Elizabeth and The Weirz
Never Gonna Be  (opening sequence) - Lori Ruso
Never Gonna Be  - Cindy Valentine
Popular Girl - Theresa & the Weirz
Shame - The Weirz
Top That - The Michael Terry Rappers

After waiting so many years since 1989, the soundtrack was released with bogus
vocalist and made into a Broadway show.

MGM baught all rights and will not release the music. However they have released it on DvD, which is why the movie sells. That is about to change as soon
as Valentine does release her dance album for Teen Witch fans.
Can we expect the Concert Version to "Never Gonna Be", hold on to your broom sticks it just might.....this comming year..