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Louise Miller, encountered with Madame Serena and found out she is a witch. On her 16th birthday her Magick powers come back to her from a necklace she lost in her formal life. Now that Louise has the power to make her dreams come true, she cast a popularity spell to win the hottest guy in school Brad without forcing him to love her. Louise now becomes the most popular girl in school while getting back at her English teacher, and the school cheerleaders whom before never respected her. After finding out believing in yourself is the true Magick, Louise gave up her power to make her own happy ending.

Did You Know?
Teen Witch was only released at 17 movie theatres throughout the USA? Why was this? Because of the budget. Trans World Entertainment needed to make a movie to use funding up. Which nowadays is a number one aired movie on television.  This movie has made a big come back. 

Teen Witch - Original 1989 Trailer