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Rumor # 1 
Question:  "Is it true that Shana was only 14 in the movie?"
Answer:  Yes it is true, infact Shana is Cindy Valentine.  And she did work on scenes of the movie before her 14th birthday.  So she was actually about 13 years old during the shoot of the live concert scene.

Rumor # 2
Question:  "Is Teen Witch a female version of Teen Wolf?"
Answer:   According to Dorian Walker the film's director.  Teen Witch, the original script was not about 80's pop music.  The original script contained rated R scenes.  Dorian suggested the movie be re-written, and to include a bubble gum pop music swing to it.  Alana Lambrose then contacted Lerry Weir to compose music for Teen Witch.  The movie is not a carbon copy of Teen Wolf.  Dorian's suggestions made the movie what it is today.

Rumor # 3
Question:  "Is Ashley Tisdale playing the role as Louise in the remake of Teen Witch?"
Answer:  Sad, but yes it is true.  Disney has announced they wish to no longer air Teen Witch due to several reasons.  One is money.  Disney does not want to pay Transworld Entertainment any royalites.  So they have a have a few tricks up their sleeves and make their own version. 

Rumor # 4
Question:  "How come the original soundtrack was not released?"
Answer:  According to Larry Weir, " A few people own the rights, and it is difficult to release the songs."  According to Cindy Valentine, "Larry told me he lost the original recordings."  Many more issues do stand in the way to release the soundtrack.  Disney now owns the movie script as of 2009.  But it is unclear if Disney did secured the rights to the music.  If they do, we could see Ashley performing "Finest Hour".  Larry however did re-record the soundtrack with poor vocals and bogus instruments for a quick buck to sell to fans. 

Rumor # 5
Question:  "Is Cindy Valentine releasing Never Gonna Be?"
Answer:  Yes she is.  Infact Cindy still has her vocal skills from 1989.  Unfortunately it will not be the same recording from the movie.  However clearly no one (meaning fans) has heard the entire concert version before.  Cindy did tell the site she can not even get a copy of her own song from Larry Weir, since he as made it clear he has lost the recordings.